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Perfect for freight, courier, storage, packing, safekeeping, moving or any type of virtual or real box.

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This easily remembered domain name would be perfect for a freight or courier business, cube-type moving services, storage services, boxes and shipping supplies, etc. The versatile domain name could also find use in other ways involving virtual or real boxes, or even for reference sites on topics as diverse as organizing your workplace to using garden boxes. Some might even like it related to sport of boxing or for box office applications.

Good Value

The value of any domain name is what it is worth to your organization, but some find it helpful to look at sales of similar digital assets. Domain names (.com extension) starting with word box have sold 211 times with an average price of $1625 (NameBio data), while those that end with the word anywhere have sold 30 times with an average price of $1157 (NameBio data). While that does not tell you how much BoxAnywhere is worth, it does tell you that the two segments of the name have both sold multiple times for significant amounts.

You need to evaluate how strong this particular combination is by looking at things like how natural the wording is, whether it is descriptive, and how sensible it is for real world use, among other factors. If you want to do your own research on prior domain name sales using NameBio, I wrote an introductory guide on using the NameBio sales database. Note I have no association with the people who run NameBio. 

Another way to help evaluate the worth of a domain name is to estimate the value it would bring to your organization.  Let's say you are considering investing $2000 in a domain name  and the effective interest rate for you is 4%, that corresponds to $80 per year or $6.66 per month. It does not require many signs, local or online advertising, or promotional printing to be much more than that per month. The right domain name can pay for itself many times over.  

Comparator Domain Sales

We all want to make sure we do not overpay for any product. One way to assess that is to look at prior sales. Comparator domain names are ones with somewhat similar structure and/or niche to the domain name. These can be helpful in assessing if a domain name price is reasonable. Some possible comparator sales for this domain name might include (all in .com extension):

  • BoxSolutions ($3225)
  • BooksAnywhere ($10,500)
  • BoxExchange ($4000)
  • OfficeAnywhere ($896)
  • WorkoutAnywhere ($1500)
  • BoxNation ($4982)
  • BoxTrade ($5600)
  • StayAnywhere ($2000)
  • BoxOutMarketing ($4000)

Only you can really decide if any particular prior domain name sale is similar to the one you are considering. Also, remember that the majority of prior sales, especially those at high values privately handled, are not in the database.

Purchase Options and Other Information 

If desired, this name is available with an optional payment plan managed by Epik. You have use of the domain name after the first payment, and ownership is transferred to you following the final payment. You can see full details of the payments and the legal terms of the agreement with Epik. We have set it up so that the total amount you pay is the same as the buy it now price, that is no interest has been added.

While the domain is value-priced, we are also open to considering reasonable offers. Simply use the Make Offer button to submit your offer. Note that while a

Annual renewal fees need to be paid on all domain names.  You can renew the name for up to 10 years in advance if you wish to lock in these costs at current rates. Epik also offer forever registrations on this extension, which means that you pay one fee and they will keep the registration fees paid. The current registration period transfers, along with the domain name, when it moves to the new owner, and this may represent savings if the name is already registered for months or years.

Many Reasons to Buy A Domain Name

Remember that domain names can be used in a number of different ways. While most of us think of domain names as the single online 'home' of a business or organization, they can also be used in marketing campaigns for a particular product or service, for philanthropic or community service activities, etc. Learn more about domain name phrases here. Domain name phrases work particularly well on Twitter, since simply including the dot makes the link active. 

Just as businesses invest in real property to hold for potential future needs, sometimes it makes sense to hold digital assets for possible future use.

Occasionally domain names are defensively purchased, meaning that you do not want a competitor to use the domain name to your disadvantage.

If you went with a made up word for your main business name, but have noticed some struggle in clients remembering it correctly, it may be wise to have a second domain name to use in campaigns. That name, perhaps using common words and descriptive of your product or service, is more easily remembered and that you redirect to your main site.  Domain redirection literally takes a minute of work and no technical skills to implement.

Other Options

If this domain name is not quite the right fit, or is outside your budget, why not browse our other offerings at NamesThat.win.

There are also a large selection of domain names available from various sellers on the Epik Marketplace. We hope you will purchase our domain name, but want you to know of all the options.

Trust and Transfer

This domain name is held currently by a private individual (me :-), If you choose to purchase the domain name that transaction will be done through a third party (Epik).  They will handle your payment, transfer the domain name to you, and only after that give the proceeds, minus a commission, to me.  

This domain name is currently registered at Epik, who handle the transaction, whether as an instant purchase or on a payment plan. You have full confidence that the domain name is available (since Epik is the registrar) and will be delivered to you if you decide to purchase it.

Purchasing a domain name from a registrar marketplace has definite advantages, both in terms of assurance and speed of transfer. You can literally own this domain name within the hour. 

A registrar that offers a reseller marketplace also means that domains registered there can be resold on that marketplace should your need for the domain name change in the future. This particular domain name could be used in many different businesses, and that would help with reselling.

Note that while Epik is a great established registrar with legendary customer service, after a 60 day lock required by ICANN (the international body that governs domain names), a domain name can be transferred to any registrar you choose. The domain transfer process is fast and easy, as I explain in this article.  

Final Thoughts

Remember that once a domain is gone it may never be available for sale again, so if this is a domain name that will add value to your business or organization, why not pick it up today?

If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. I like to help! I would love to see good use be made of this digital asset!





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